Update – 10/9/14

Time for a much overdue update.

First order of business. I’m working on a new piece for Jazz Quartet and String Quartet, long form, three or four movements, and it’s slowly killing me in a way that’s weirdly motivating. Hopefully, I’ll finish it by the end of the month and have a recording of at least the first movement by the end of November. Check out a few bars from the first movement.

Movement 1 - Sample

Movement 1 – Sample


I played on three tracks of Ryan Amador’s new EP “4S” (check it out here) and it just dropped today. Kyle Crane was on drums, and totally killed it. We tracked at the Beat Cave with Daniel Weidlein producing/engineering.

Ryan Amador – 4S

Also, Bill Frisell. Because why not?

Take it easy.

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